Martial Duchaux, GAEC de la Rotte (france)

Martial Duchaux
Cow seen by veterinarian for colibacillosis mastitis in the meadow, the animal was unable to get up, and was showing fever, hypokalemia, hypocalcemia, … The cow stayed overnight into the device after receiving care with antibiotics and perfusion. The next morning the cow was standing up and able to move alone.
This system is an excellent alternative to conventional lifting systems which are often traumatic and do not keep the animal in the raised position for very long without pain.
The deflated device was placed under the animal. The lifting is carried out quickly and safely for human and animal, without stress and pain which increases the chances of recovery.
I was impressed by the speed of recovery of the cow from a pathology that usually ends by euthanasia.A group purchase between breeders is certainly a good solution.
The investment pays for itself from the first saved cow.