What is Air-cow?

An inflatable air lifting device

For animals unable to stand up
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What is air-cow?

Air-cow is an inflatable air lifting device for animals that are unable to get up, this patented system created and imagined by Pierre Schoenaers, veterinary practitioner.
It is a medical device destined for cattle with trauma or pathologies that cause complete or partial disabilities for moving or getting-up.
Air-cow allows:
  • re-education;
  • heal;
  • animal displacement.
In the bests conditions of animal welfare.


In classical veterinary practice, it is usual to meet pathologies that cause partial or complete disabilities for displacement or statement.
In that case, the animal weight can become a problem:
  • tiresome, difficulties for standing;
  • water stop, feeding stop;
  • metabolic deficit;
  • weakness, bedsores, muscle crush syndrome.
Often the first pathology is neat but complications that appear after stilling lying down for a long time are causing the death of the animal.
The Air-cow permits to limit complications arising from locomotor disabilities and increases the chances of recovery in the best conditions of animal welfare.
This cushion is also of great interest to animal rescuers and firefighters who deal with large animals at risk on a daily basis.
3 ways

How to use it?

In any cases, rules to respect.
  • protect feet, not to sharp device;
  • attach hind legs together;
  • tie the animal to the cushion with the straps provided (withers and head);
  • stabilize the inflatable in the environment.
Once installed in the Air-cow cushion, the animal requires only episodic monitoring and does not require the continuous presence of a person. Finally, this system can be used as an external client or in a clinic.
In addition to Air-cow, we have Equi-lift, an air-cushion lifting system for equines.